Berthe Morisot PDF

1868-69 oil painting by the French painter Édouard Manet. The painting, inspired by Majas on the Balcony berthe Morisot PDF Francisco Goya, was created at the same time and with the same purpose as Luncheon in the Studio.

The three characters, who were all friends of Manet, seem to be disconnected from each other: while Berthe Morisot, on the left, looks like a romantic and inaccessible heroine, the young violinist Fanny Claus and the painter Antoine Guillemet seem to display indifference. The boy in the background is probably Manet’s son, Léon. Just behind the railings, there are a hydrangea in a ceramic pot, and a dog with a ball below Morisot’s chair. This was the first portrait of Morisot by Manet. Manet made many preparatory studies, painting the four subjects individually many times: Guillemet as many as fifteen times.

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