Plan Vichy PDF

This article needs additional citations for verification. Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-027-1451-10, Toulon, Panzer IV. Vichy France plan Vichy PDF out by Germany and Italy in November 1942. A German plan to occupy Vichy France had been drawn up in December 1940 under the codename of Operation Attila and soon came to be considered as an operation with Operation Camellia, the plan to occupy Corsica.

For Adolf Hitler, the main rationale for permitting a nominally independent French state to exist was that it was, in the absence of naval superiority, the only practical means to deny the use of the French colonies to the Allies. By the evening of 10 November 1942, Axis forces had completed their preparations for Case Anton. The Germans had planned Operation Lila to capture intact the demobilised French fleet at Toulon. Vichy France limited its resistance to radio broadcasts objecting to the violation of the armistice of 1940.

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